Lancashire Exterior Cleaning & Softwashing – Render Repairs

Worried that your render job is lacking? Think that it is bringing down the overall look of your property? No matter the current condition of your render, let K Rend help you.

 We are experts in all things render. Whether that be render cleaning or perhaps render repairs? With a wealth of experience in the industry, we take pride in being able to  guarantee that we can have your property looking as good as new.

We offer a wide range of services and we can repair the following issues that may have arisen in the exterior of your property:

We can repair:

  • damaged or cracked exterior walls
  • all types of render
  • colour enhancing paints
  • waterproof sealants
  • properties damaged by flooding and leaks

All of these issues can be given the same level of K-Rend dedication and ensure that your curb appeal is boosted. Whether that be in your private property or your commercial building.

Not only do we want to ensure that the work that we carry out is too the highest standard, but we also take great pride on our workmanship and our respect for the environment that we are working in.

An example of this is how we treat our working environment.

Once we have finished, if there has been any old render removed, then we will ensure that the area is as tidy as it was when we arrived. We will remove any old render, as well as sweeping up and disposing of any render too.

We also ensure that tarpaulins are used to protect floors of areas where rendered and mixed up. Our team will protect both windows and doors; especially whilst the old render is hacked off; or whilst the render is applied.

We arrange for our own scaffolding to be delivered, installed and then taken away at the end of the project. Which is one less thing for you to worry about.

Don’t wonder whether the outside of your building is everything that it can be. Take a look at what we here at K-Rend can do for you and have the curb appeal that you wish for.

    We pride ourselves on our workmanship and have many years experience in render repairs.

    On all rendering work if old render has been removed all rubble is swept, bagged and disposed of.  At the end of each day the building is left clean and tidy therefore ready for another productive day. Tarpaulins are used to protect floors of areas where rendered and mixed up. Windows and doors are protected while hacking off old render with hard board or protective ridged plastic. While rendering, sticky polythene is used to protect windows and doors from splashes of render. All rubble/rubbish is bagged and removed. scaffolding is provided and we deal with our scaffolding company to erect and take down.

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